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Nanda Malini

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

. Shantha me rathriye
. Sandae kaluwara
. Raththaran duwe
. Preemaya nam
. Poojasanaye
. Obai ramya
. Muni Nandana
. Mage sada oba
. Ma hadana
. Lowama epawee
. Kurutu ge gee
. Hadawila kalabana
. Gedi siyayak
. Dura penena
. Dora kaulu
. Asemadurajeewanaye
. Alaya wan manaram
. Thunhele kala thula

As Ernest Hemingway rightly said a difficult childhood sometimes produces brilliant men and women. When Mirihana Arachchige Nanda Perera was born to a family of nine children at Lewanduwa in Aluthgama, no astrologer would have predicted that she would be Sri Lanka’s melody queen. She had to face many vicissitudes of life as a result of her indigent circum stances. She faced her first shock in life when she was uprooted from her village surroundings when her parents decided to move house from Aluthgama to Kotahena in Colombo. Sometimes even adversity has its own blessings. When she was admitted to Sri Gunananda Vidyalaya, she immediately came under the influence of her class teacher T. N. Margaret Perera. Assessing the student’s latent talents, the teacher soon took on the role of mother and began to guide the destinies of Nanda Malini.

When Nanda won a poetry competition held at district level, Mrs. Perera decided to take her pupil to Radio Ceylon where Karunarante Abeysekera aired his popular programme Lama Mandapaya. After some time, Nanda Malini’s lilting voice came on the air with the ever popular song Budu Sadu. Even Sarath Wimalaweera who was a leading figure at Radio Ceylon gave her all the assistance to come up in life as a classical singer.

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