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Dayarathna Ranathunga

>> Friday, April 03, 2009

Kiri kawadi sina

Dr. Dayaratna Ranatunga is a highly qualified and well respected musician in Sri Lanka. He is a renowned artist acclaimed by media as a super musician. He is also a Music Director and a composer, who performs both light and classical music. He is recognized as a super grade singer by the media. He started his music education in 1952 at the College of Fine Arts, as a child. After completing his degree in Sri Lanka, he joined the Bhathkhande University in
India for further studies and became a Sangeeth Visharad. He is also an intellectual who had done research and earned several Degrees and Diplomas in Science, Broadcasting, Journalism and as a Media Person in Electronic Media, from India, USA, Germany and London.
He holds a PhD in Music Therapy.


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