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C. T. Fernando

>> Friday, May 01, 2009

Cyril Tudor Fernando

Fernando entered music in the 1940s. He was praised by critics for the themes and wording of his songs like "Vana Bamaru," "Bilinda Nelwa Ukule" and "Rosa Male." His other popular songs include "Lo Ad Giles Male Tarawa" and "Mariya Mawu Kuse."

Early life and career

Fernando was born in Kadalana, Moratuwa and educated at St. Mary's College, Nawalpitiya. As a student Fernando showed interest in the arts participating in school dramas and singing with the local church choir.

In 1946, Fernando successfully auditioned for a position as grade one radio artist on Radio Ceylon. There he had his first popular song with "Pinsinduwanne," a plea to children to stop harming birds. The song was written by R. N. H. Perera

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