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Chandralekha Perera

>> Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CHANDRALEKHA PERERA Born 1 December 1961 Origin Kurunegala Sentimental, Pop Years Active 1985 - Present
Chandralekha was born in Kurunegala to a middle class family. From morning till Evening little Chandralekha sang at home. And sometimes got scolded by her Father, asking her if her mouth was not paining after singing. Teachers in School discovered Chandralekha’s Talents. She sang in mostly every event the school had. She took part in Inter school competitions where she brought fame to school. When she was doing higher studies she sang in a Band, which was called “Spring Time” in Kurunegala. In 1976 once when this Band wanted a keyboardist for a Gig, The Sound guys recommended a musician called Rookantha for that particular gig.
This was the day that Rookantha & Chandralekha met. In 1980. The Government Sponsored successful Youth Organization called “NYSC ”(National Youth Services Council) was established.
Chandralekha’s father understood that this was the shortest cut that his daughter could ever get to make a name. He pushed her several times but Chandralekha would never go. At last the father himself brought an Application, filled out and posted. Soon was the Interview where Chandralekha was compelled to go and that was her turning point. As any other time this time too she was lucky as The National Television was just gifted by Japan to Sri Lanka and was going on with the Test Transmissions. Every day and night you could see Chandralekha with new songs frequently.
The famous film Director Producer Mr. DB Nihalsinghe’s eye once caught Chandralekha when doing coverage of the NYSC. He gave Chandralekha a brake and selected her to act in his new Tele series ‘REKHA” which was later a hit and made Chandralekha a Star. She was awarded the best Tele Actress award in 1986 for “NADEE GEETHAYA” another Tele series By Nihalsinghe , and was awarded best Playback singer same year for the Movie “ Yali Hamuwennai ”Directed by Sena Samarasinghe& Music Directed by Late Mr.Sarath Dassanayake. She was signed for LUX International by Lever Brothers at that time.
Many singers' dream was to sing a duet with Chandralekha. She also sang with popular singers and actors as well. Vijaya Kumaranatunge the late husband of The President Kumaranatunge sang more than 15 songs with Chandralekha most of them still popular among many Sri Lankans. There are numerous singers popular and new who have sung at least one song with Chandralekha. Chandralekha has put out many albums which she even does not have a track on them. Chandralekha Perera married Rookantha Goonatillake in 1989. They have two daughters , Raini Goonatillake & Windy Goonatillake. They live in New York.
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